Welcome to our frequently asked questions section. Here you’ll find the answers to the questions that we are asked most often. If you do not find information relating to your enquiry here, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Here are our Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What do I need to do to get started?
  2. Will TUHF finance me even though I don’t have any money or a job?
  3. Which areas do TUHF operate in?
  4. I have found a building, what do I next?
  5. I’m interested in doing student accommodation. Will TUHF finance me?

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You need to have a passion for property and a hands on approach. Property is neither a passive income nor a ‘get rich quick fix’. You need to firstly identify an area and then a property or properties in that area that is able to give good returns and is suited to your needs and skills.
You are welcome to contact us anytime with questions, but to get started on your first project, you need the following:

  1. 20% Equity of the purchase price (see Intuthuko Equity Fund)
  2. A signed Offer to Purchase/Deed of Sale
  3. FICA Documents
  4. Financials

TUHF offers a unique product called Intuthuko Equity Fund which is available for PDI (Previously Disadvantaged Individuals) who cannot afford the equity. The entrepreneur must however make a contribution towards equity such as hard earned money or savings as well as meet the requirements of this fund to qualify.

TUHF finances residential property development projects throughout South Africa’s inner cities. See our list of areas here.

You are on the right track, now it is important to find the owner of the property and establish whether he is willing to sell and at what price. Contact us should you need help in negotiating the purchase price.

We do finance student accommodation, subject to our credit policy. Contact the TUHF Offices on 086 000 TUHF (8843).

We provide access to finance to purchase, refurbish or convert residential property in inner city areas of South Africa. We are an independent registered financial services provider unrelated to government.

We provide finance for small 2 flat properties to properties with thousands of flats as well as conversion to residential rental properties in the inner city areas of South Africa.

TUHF is short for Trust for Urban Housing Finance and was the name of the company when it first started over 10 years ago. Today we are a public company and our official name is TUHF Limited.

No, TUHF specialises in property finance in inner city areas only. See our list of areas here.

The Intuthuko Equity Fund is a fund designed to assist PDI’s (Previously Disadvantaged Individuals) who do not have the required equity, but want to become property entrepreneurs in the Inner City.

PDI’s (Previously Disadvantaged Individuals) who do not have the means to own property, but show ambition in property ownership and willingness to learn in this regard. The PDI must be able to contribute hard earned money such personal savings from their side as Intuthuko does not fund the entire equity component.

No, we encourage potential property investors to actively keep informed on potential properties by identifying areas of interest, familiarising yourself with those areas by asking questions about properties, reading newspapers as well as attending property auctions with potential investment opportunities. These are only a few ways of finding property and we encourage a pro-active approach to finding your property.

No, we are an independent registered financial services provider registered with the National Credit Regulator.

No, we are not a micro lender, nor a home loan financier. We provide finance for small 2 flat properties up to properties with thousands of flats as well as conversion to residential rental properties in the inner city areas of South Africa.

We have a diversified portfolio of investors in order to provide our clients with the best possible finance. our current funders

Yes, if the product being applied for was an equity release and falls within TUHF’s loan and credit policy.

No, we always require some financial commitment from the entrepreneur.

Yes, if the majority is residential or plans to convert to residential rental housing.

Contact our offices to make an appointment. Otherwise you can follow us on Facebook Page (TUHF Group of Companies), follow us on Twitter (@TUHFpty) or visit our Linked In Profile (TUHF).

Yes, as long as the property is in the CBD / inner city of a South African City where there is urban decline and meets the normal TUHF Loan and Credit requirements. – see our TUHF areas.

No, our market is in South Africa only.

Yes, provided that you can provide supporting documentation of the rescission of judgement and validate the reason for the judgement.

Once you have submitted a signed application form and supporting, a financial feasibility assessment is completed to test the viability of the deal. If the deal is viable it is then presented to a TUHF credit committee for approval.

Yes, TUHF offers financial support exclusively for majority residential property development projects in inner city areas.

Yes, you are welcome to contact our offices on 086 000 TUHF (8843) to make an appointment with one of our consultants in your area.

Yes, provided that 50% ownership of the all units in that block of flats is obtained by the client. We do not finance the purchase of single flats.