about us

We are a specialised commercial property financing company that finances property investors exclusively in inner cities.

We finance property entrepreneurs in their purchase, refurbishment of rental properties and focus on affordable rental housing. We finance through a mortgage bond. Traditionally, you can call us a mortgage financier. Technically, we are a non-bank financial services company that borrows money from the capital markets and invests it in inner city areas to entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.

Apart from providing access to finance for purchase and refurbishment to people with property passion and potential, we support entrepreneurs by providing guidance during the negotiation process to construction and rent up by offering experience, knowledge and expertise during the 15 year loan term.

Our values

Enquiring Mind


Ground Breaker

Human Connections

TUHF sees what others don't

…and our specialization sets us apart from our competitors. We have unprecedented and in-depth knowledge of the areas that we focus on and we stick to what we do best. Also, we are very close to the communities that we finance and we understand the market environment and the property trends in the areas that we finance.

Numbers Speak for Themselves*

*Information correct as at financial year end 31 March 2020, for active loans in servicing

units financed since inception
total loans
number of clients
jobs created

We work with the entrepreneurs to ensure that the project is feasible, the purchase price reasonable and that local market conditions are met. We ensure that there is a good fit between the entrepreneur and the building as well as a balance between the financial demands of the purchase and the rentals that can be realistically expected. 

At TUHF we encourage our clients to develop their property interests, thereby enabling them to grow from part-time to full-time property entrepreneurs. When considering a loan, we look at the person and the project. 

The entrepreneurial character and competence of the entrepreneur guides the way in which we make decisions.

At TUHF we believe in Impact through Scale – We create Massive impact through small changes in every space we create.

Our board & Exco

Our people see potential where others see decline