Changing perceptions and lives

For many, working in the construction industry still conjures up images of brawny men carrying heavy equipment. Sheila Liu, who moved to South Africa 15 years ago, is challenging these perceptions. With a 10-year track record in construction, Sheila is inspiring the next generation while changing the face of Kempton Park.
Sheila’s construction company has successfully developed 10 blocks of flats and now employs seven individuals from its offices.

In her initial projects, Sheila received finance from banks. However, when their willingness to finance developments decreased with the economic recession, she turned to TUHF with her plans to develop Citylink Court, a new building development in Kempton Park, which is a decision she has never regretted.
Sheila has lived in Kempton Park since coming to South Africa and sees enormous potential in the area.

In May 2012, Sheila bought the land that Citylink Court now stands on. She began construction in July 2012 and by January 2013, residents were already moving in.
Citylink Court consists of four one-bedroom and eight two-bedroom units, with rent ranging from R3 500 to R4 700 per month. The complex provides affordable, secure homes close to residents’ work, shopping centres and entertainment. The location offers residents the opportunity to live their lives within the Kempton Park area, ensuring that the money that they earn is fed back into their community, stimulating further growth in the area.

The complex currently provides employment for three people: a cleaner, a night-time security guard and a building manager who works from the Company’s offices.
Citylink Court is the first TUHF-financed building in Kempton Park. Its success has helped forge the way for TUHF to play a part in this rapidly developing area.

Looking back on her experience with the Citylink Court development, Sheila praises TUHF for their efficiency and their ability to understand and adapt to each customer’s needs. For her, it is the people of TUHF who make all the difference. She cannot stress enough what a difference having a personal relationship with her funder has made.
From our 2015 Integrated Annual Report

Changing perceptions and lives