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Empowering inner-city property entrepreneurs

Established in 2004, the Intuthuko Equity Fund (IEF) is a unique inner-city property finance initiative supporting previously disadvantaged individuals who want to enter the property investment market but face constraints in accessing the finance needed to do so.

“The IEF is the means for us to provide an opportunity for individuals who want to become active in inner-city property development but lack the resources. This initiative centres on attracting people with expertise and knowledge on property management and providing them with the means to purchase different types of buildings and convert them to affordable rental housing units,” says Pressage Nyoni, Liaison Officer, TUHF.

Through the IEF, TUHF helps address the demographics of ownership of property within South Africa and drive an entrepreneurial spirit of inner-city rejuvenation.

“One of the things that differentiates the IEF is that TUHF’s individual portfolio managers provide extensive guidance to the entrepreneurs the organisation funds. They train them in the areas where they might lack sufficient knowledge. And if more specialised skills are required, our portfolio managers match those needs with the relevant external stakeholders. It is all about giving the hands-on training necessary to empower IEF clients with the means to get the most value from their property investments,” says Lusanda Netshitenzhe, Development Impact Executive at TUHF.