We at TUHF just loving Women’s Month this August. We have taken this opportunity chat to some of TUHF’s most influential woman, and gain some insight into their lives on both a professional and personal level by delving into their property insights and preferences.

1. What impact do you think women’s right to vote had on our country?

Women’s right to vote added untold value on all levels to society. Women have great understanding and insight into many of the issues that impact and affect our communities and the country at large.

2. Describe yourself in 3 words?

Excited, Fun, Tenacious

3. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Adventure, travel, yoga, art & design, spending time with my friends and family

4. How do you conquer fears?

I face my fears. Fear is worse if not faced head-on.  .

5. In this day and age what is the biggest challenge facing woman in South Africa?

The biggest challenge facing women today is their lack of belief in themselves. Without a women’s confidence in her own abilities, she can only stand for so much. True change and empowerment can only come when the South African woman starts understanding that no one is coming to save her, she needs to wake up, have faith in who she is and become her own superhero!

6. What has been the biggest risk you have ever taken?

Starting a new life with literally nothing but the clothes on my back. I walked away from abuse and in getting where I am today, I had to make a decision to become my own liberator. I slept in train stations, scared and alone, but today I am a much stronger woman than I have ever been.

7. Any advice for women who want to start a Career in this industry?

Go for it. Keep focused on your goal and don’t give into anything that tries to stand in your way.

8. What is your take on property investments?

You need a serious amount of patience as they are one of the most stable asset classes BUT very long term. NEVER SELL the property that you invest in!

9. What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

Being a mother…..my job and career that I love so much…Being the only person in my family ever to get a degree, managing to feed seven hungry mouths and hopefully making a positive impact in urban life for everyone.

10. What message of inspiration do you have for the women of South Africa?

You are awesome and stronger than you think!!! – JUST DO IT, onwards and upwards!

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