TUHF offers specialised commercial finance for affordable housing in the urban areas of South Africa

In declining areas, we see thriving property markets and ample opportunity to provide commercial property finance for development and investment. In run-down buildings, we see the potential for families to live in a safe and secure environment. In people, we see the entrepreneurial capability to create well-run businesses, providing employment and multiplying our economy.

We are a commercial property finance company that provides access to funding for entrepreneurs from all walks of life, enabling them to purchase, and subsequently convert or refurbish buildings in the inner cities of South Africa and deliver affordable residential units where they are most needed. As well as offering access to commercial property development loans we also provide support, guidance and risk management for new entrepreneurs.

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We see what others don't.

we are passionate about spotting and unearthing potential!

We believe in the resilience of South Africa’s inner cities, and in the power of the communities who live in them to stimulate thriving economies. Our commercial development finance product offering is designed to achieve impact through scale, empowering property entrepreneurs to develop affordable rental housing space that meets the needs of inner-city residents and, in so doing, invigorating the microeconomies surrounding our buildings.

We help entrepreneurs who share our passion for unearthing potential in buildings and areas that others underestimate to build their property portfolios, providing some of the most unique solutions for residential property development finance in South Africa.

What we do

We provide access to commercial property development loans to people with passion, potential and integrity for purchasing, converting or refurbishing buildings in the inner cities of South Africa. Our entrepreneurs breath new life into run-down and dilapidated buildings to provide affordable rental housing in the form of dedicated apartment buildings or mixed-use developments.

Our hands-on approach, specialised knowledge of the complexities of inner cities, and keen understanding of the ins-and-outs of commercial property finance, development and investment enables us to empower our clients to catalyse the regeneration of our neighbourhoods and communities.

We are the leading provider of commercial property finance in South Africa for inner-city and in-city residential and mixed-use projects. We work with property entrepreneurs who know these areas well and bring our own market expertise to bear on every project to create massive impact through every small change we enable.

what makes us tuhf?

Our unique ability to spot potential in all kinds of people. Our ability to support, grow with and develop people. The way in which we connect and build relationships between different people, parties and communities. Our specialist and unparalleled knowledge of the complexities of inner cities.
Through our unique commercial property finance products, we make a powerful impact on the inner-city areas in which we invest. Converting properties that others overlook, in areas that have become run-down, to provide safe, affordable rental housing stimulates urban regeneration. Working with property entrepreneurs who may not be able to access traditional commercial property development loans diversifies property ownership in South Africa. So, with every residential unit, every refurbished or repurposed building, every new property entrepreneur welcomed into the commercial property development arena, we create impact through scale.

TUHF Property Finance
TUHF Property Finance

Backing ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. TUHF sees potential where others see decline. 


uMaStandi is a proud member of TUHF21 and continues to build rental property entrepreneurs in townships.

Inthuthuko Equity Fund
Inthuthuko Equity Fund

The Intuthuko Equity Fund supports previously disadvantaged individuals who face constraints in accessing finance to enter the property investment market. The product contributes to the deposit or equity requirements necessary for loan approval.

TUHF Programme for Property Entrepreneurs (TPPE) images
TUHF Programme for Property Entrepreneurs (TPPE)

We offer onboarding, training and mentoring for starter entrepreneurs through our TUHF Program for Property Entrepreneurs (TPPE).


A short look into how TUHF is changing South African inner cities,one building at a time.


Gradual shifts in small spaces lead to dynamic impacts in inner city spaces.