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TUHF has a proven track record showing over a decade of commercial viability and social impact. For 18 years, we have driven social change and economic empowerment in inner cities while simultaneously delivering returns for our investors. Click on the links below to find out more about our investors, the impact we are having in the areas where we operate and to view our Annual Reports archive.

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R7.1 billion

loan book since inception

7 offices

nationwide, in 5 provinces

46 374

units financed since inception


buildings financed

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  • We are the leading lender in inner city residential property.
  • We were the first to market financing residential regeneration in nodes such as Hillbrow, Berea, Port Elizabeth central, Springs, Albert Park in Durban.
  • We have a strong and healthy pipeline across a national footprint.
  • We have demonstrated 17 years of loan book growth.
  • Our average year-on-year loan book growth for the last five years is 17% per year.
  • All our investor covenants are honoured and paid back with market-related returns.
  • Our arrears are managed well below industry averages.
  • Our teams understand the value of the client relationship as well as the deal.
  • Our professionals are thought leaders in their local markets with a key understanding of what makes business tick, both for us and our clients.
  • We recruit for values and train for skill; in this way our culture is strengthened by each individual joining the team.
  • Our business was up and running within one day of the fire that affected our building in Johannesburg in 2014. This is a testament to our team’s agility and the strong technological foundation that supports our operations.
  • Our branches and head office are empowered to make local decisions and are supported by efficient and enabling systems.
  • Work is underway to further streamline our systems to enable faster decision making and delivery to our clients through our website-based client portal.
  • Our professionals are intimately familiar with the areas in which we lend. Their knowledge and skills have been honed over our 13 years in operation. The TUHF team assists our clients in putting the right measures in place to mitigate the risks of inner city property investments, allowing our clients to make unprecedented returns on their investments, even better than some upmarket areas such as Sandton and Umhlanga.
  • We look at the person before the deal; this forms part of our specialised character based lending approach. In our experience, when a project goes bad, it is not the building, but rather the person behind the building that caused problems.
  • We provide access to finance – we finance in areas and to people that would not ordinarily be financed by banks.
  • We stimulate job creation – the projects we finance create jobs both during the construction and refurbishment process as well as property management, maintenance and cleaning employment thereafter.
  • We are a catalyst in urban regeneration – by introducing a reliable source of liquidity into our market niche, we have seen the property market respond with large and consistent increases in value. Therefore, we create property markets where there would not ordinarily be local economic development.
  • We contribute to fiscal impact – through access to quality, affordable housing, people are able to reside within easy reach of their places of work, adding to their economic empowerment and contribution to the country’s economy. The growing urban community of economically empowered people will ultimately place less strain on government resources by contributing to rates, utilities and taxes in buildings that were not contributing previously.


On Thursday, 26 January 2017, TUHF Limited successfully launched the first R280m tranche of their R1 billion DMTN (Domestic Medium Term Note) Programme on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange). TUHF welcomed new investors including Sanlam, Stanlib and RMI, who joined existing TUHF funders – Old Mutual ’s Futuregrowth and Mergence.

These funds will enable TUHF to grow its financing of inner city development projects in all major city centres of SA, directly improving rejuvenation and meeting the high demand for affordable accommodation downtown. “The listing of this note on the JSE marks a new dawn for TUHF in accessing debt capital markets. Our credit rating and 14 year track record speaks to the specialisation, governance and excellent risk management our business has become known for in commercial finance and inner city property,” said Ilona Roodt, TUHF’s CFO.

She added that “Although the pricing was higher than originally anticipated, we realise that as this is TUHF’s inaugural debt listing and rating, new investors are being cautious. Seeing and managing investment opportunity in inner cities is our specialisation, with proven growth over 14 years having financed over R4 billion and 43 000 units downtown.  Over time we look forward to building on this performance and developing strong new investor relationships.” Paul Jackson, TUHF’s CEO and Co-founder added: “We look forward to the opportunities this unlocks for TUHF and our clients’ business growth.  The funds will be instrumental in sustaining our 5 year average loan book growth of 13%.  This building block in our long term debt capital strategy means we are one step closer in achieving our vision of a R5 billion book servicing every major city in South Africa.”

Launching the R280m tranche marks the first of 3 tranches planned over the next 3 years totalling R1 billion. The debt arranger for TUHF’s DMTN is Deloitte Capital.  


TUHf's positive impact results

TUHF firstly has a commercial profit mandate and secondly a developmental mandate. Through providing access to finance for the purchase and refurbishment of inner city residential property, there are various positive impacts results.

Job creation

The projects we finance create jobs both during their construction and/or refurbishment and through the property management aspect afterwards.

Green finance

Wherever possible, we aim to incorporate sustainable, environmentally friendly practices into the projects we undertake, thus adding even greater value to the communities our projects serve in the long term.

Urban regeneration

We take great pride in the upliftment that spreads through the areas where we are involved in the recovery and rejuvenation of buildings.

Local economic development

Through access to quality affordable housing, people are able to reside within easy reach of good places of work, adding to their economic empowerment and contribution to the country’s economy.

Access to finance

Our services place opportunities otherwise unheard of within grasp of enterprising individuals, enabling them to break away from the cycle of poverty through carefully managed entrepreneurial ventures.

Fiscal impact

A growing urban community of economically empowered people ultimately places less strain on government resources by contributing to rates, utilities and taxes in buildings that were previously non-paying.